sick dog with thermometer in mouth

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Our homeopathic remedies are clinically trialled and offer a highly effective alternative to pharmaceuticals increasingly demanded by pet owners worldwide.

“I have NO trouble cleaning my bichon’s teeth now with the Coconut Teeth Cleaner 🙂 It’s like catnip is to cats and she lets me brush her teeth any time! I did as suggested too and put it on a small piece of freeze dried tongue and she went mental for it! Definitely a changemaker in this house 😀

Mary C

“I was a little sceptical at first as it is such a big thing at the vets to get our dog’s teeth clean and I wasn’t really happy that she had to go under each time. These drops REALLY work. And her breath within a couple of days was not an issue any more. After the 14 days there is still loads in the bottle so I am going to maintain the dosing in her water bowl. She loved the taste so pumping straight in her mouth was never an issue. Well done Roar!”


I cannot believe how fast this stopped my lab scratching when I used the drops and the spray. And DEFINITELY a couple of more washes with the soap was required – you weren’t wrong – he STUNK lol. But now our nights are peaceful again!


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