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SPRINGTIME SOOTHER oral drops for seasonal allergy relief

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SPRINGTIME SOOTHER is specifically designed to address grass and pollen allergies and support the immune system of a pet that suffers contact allergies with these, often resulting in pink, itchy skin.

Safe for both cats and dogs.

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Instructions for use:  Dose 3 times daily (1 pump = 1 dose) for 5 days, on a small piece of healthy treat, or alternatively you can pump directly into your pet’s water bowl if they frequently drink from it.  Stop and stand down your pet for a couple of days to see if this has eased the itching.  Dose once daily until the itch has fully subsided.  Recommence dosing if itching flares again.
Ingredients:  Mixed grasses and pollens, Histamine and Urtica urens.

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4 reviews for SPRINGTIME SOOTHER oral drops for seasonal allergy relief

  1. Tansy

    Working great thanks ❤️

  2. Sandy W

    Wish there were more than 5 stars to give! You guys are amazing! Every year around this time we get the itchy paws and noses and bellies starting with our girl. We bought your Spring Soother drops and almost immediately she had relief (and so did we from all the noisy chewing and scratching) Thanks for providing a solution that doesn’t involve a visit to the vet! Sandy and Abby xx

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