FLEA PATROL flea repellant Combo

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Fleas are an ongoing issue for any dog and cat owner, and the solution to getting on top of them is to break the flea cycle – and fleas have a complicated life-cycle.

Fleas are the bane of any pet owner’s life – not only do they irritate your pet, causing itching and scratching – once in your home they lay eggs in the furniture, carpet… and anywhere else they have access to.

If you are wanting to employ a natural approach and pathway to ridding your pet and home of fleas, there are plenty of ways to treat them without a chemical intervention.

Our FLEA PATROL natural flea repellant system is designed to support the pet’s immune system, which in turn helps repel fleas. It is a gentle, natural way to support your pet when they have flea complaints, whilst offering the confidence that you are not asking your pet to ingest potentially dangerous chemicals, or applying them to their skin.

Safe for both cats and dogs.

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