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DITCH THE ITCH oral relief drops

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ROAR’s DITCH THE ITCH skin relief drops is a homeopathic-based complex remedy formulated to relieve itching skin and also smelly ‘yeasty’ skin issues.  Although itchy skin is a symptom rather than a disease or health issue on its own, it can become an issue through continued aggravation, potentially causing chronic and systemic skin issues.

Please take the time to read our notes as itchy skin can be a complex issue! And keep a bottle of Ditch the Itch in your pet medicine cabinet for any flares. Our bottles contain 230 doses and can be kept in a cool area for at least 24 months.


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Itchy skin isn’t just skin deep. Years of case management have seen approximately 80% of cases of itchy and smelly skin to be directly related to diet.  Diets based on biscuits, cheese, lamb, beef, pork and chicken have proven to be the biggest triggers for itchiness and all general skin issues.  Dogs with food-based skin issues tended toward random itching: feet and legs, armpits, belly, anus, face and ears being commonly affected areas.  Upon changing their pet’s diet away from biscuits and farmed meats, 80% of triallists saw their pet’s itching subside – and completely subside in many cases.

Environmental triggers (grasses, contact with chemicals, etc) only equates to around 35% of flare ups, trialled.  Dogs with contact type triggers often display on feet and belly – the point where they make contact with the allergen or chemical.  Often, once the dietary triggers were alleviated, the dog was much less affected by the environmental trigger.

Spring time is always the biggest time for flare ups to occur.  And if your pet has suffered itching for considerable time it can take a while for their reactivity to calm from spring into summer as heat aggravates their already reactive and sensitive skin.

The root cause needs to be addressed for true healing to take place in your pet’s skin.  Whether internal factors (food, stress, underlying health issues, etc) or external triggers (contact allergies, environmental allergens, etc) DITCH THE ITCH is designed to help your pet transition into a healthier diet and lifestyle by managing the itch and the odour.  It gently triggers the immune system to relieve the histamine level associated with such intense itching.

Important:  Your pet will require bathing as the itch subsides.  They will give off a yeasty type odour as die-back occurs.  We recommend nectar’s dog shampoo bar as it contains only a small quantity of coconut oil (which is extremely drying and potentially aggravating to already sensitive skin) as well as the best Manuka oil – sourced from one of NZ’s pristine outer Hauraki Gulf islands.


Dosage:  Dose twice daily onto a small piece of healthy treat.  1 pump = 1 dose.  Provide water to drink – but don’t offer food
or toys for 15 minutes either side of dosing so the remedy can be at its most efficacious. If your pet drinks from their water bowl, you can put 1 pump into it (instead of onto a treat) so they can dose themselves throughout the day.

Once symptoms ease, you can take dosage down to once daily or cease if they leave completely. This product is safe for long-term use, so if the trigger takes a while to discover (or simply can’t be removed) you can safely continue dosing.


ROAR’s DITCH THE ITCH skin relief drops is made for cats and dogs with itchy skin and yeasty type coats.  Every pet with these
conditions is in various states of health and various stages of itching.  The dosing suggested is aimed to provide relief for the most sensitive of pets – and so we have taken a conservative approach.  To fully resolve this issue, we tend to see a 2-4 week window required.


Ingredients in a base of vegetable glycerine and distilled water –  sulphur, natrum muraticum, potentise histamine.

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6 reviews for DITCH THE ITCH oral relief drops

  1. Karen M.

    My smelly itchy girl is no longer smelly or itchy! And the natural pet soap is just beautiful. Thanks ROAR 🙂

  2. Sacha

    I was probably the biggest sceptic – my dog had been on Cytopoint for a number of years to suppress her itch, as well as antibiotics for constant ear infections. I really didn’t know what to do with her anymore. Within a couple of days her itching had considerably subsided – I couldn’t quite believe it. Her itch resolved within a couple of weeks. She needed a couple of baths along the way – because she really did smell! But that was to be expected… and the pet shampoo bar was perfect. It left her coat beautifully soft and healthy. And it removed the yeasty smell perfectly. I have a much happier girl now.

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