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bring back the ZOOMIES oral mobility drops

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ROAR’s bring back the ZOOMIES movement drops are designed to address the stiffness, discomfort and pain associated with strains and sprains, knocks and bangs – the general wear and tear of life – and some specific injuries.  It aids deep muscle, some bone pain, nerve, tendon, ligament and surface muscle pain and inflammation, enabling your pet to enjoy greater mobility.

This blend is not specifically designed to aid arthritis.  A blend for natural arthritis relief is now available here OIL THOSE HINGES arthritis relief oral drops

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  • Day 1: dose 4 times, half hourly.
  • Days 2, 3 and 4: dose 2 times daily.
  • Day 5 and onward: dose in water bowl, as needed.
  • Short-term, specific and recoverable injuries, and chronic conditions – all require different management protocols. View PDF file above for full and further information.


Maintenance is dependent on the condition being treated. 3 rules to follow for this are:

  • For a short-term injury (a knock, bang or twist, in an otherwise healthy pet), follow dosing instructions above. Cease dosing when symptoms alleviate.
  • For a specific recoverable injury (cruciate repair, torn tendons/ligaments/muscles), follow dosing instructions above. From day 5, follow daily dosing in water bowl, or continue dosing on a treat, until symptoms nearly disappear. Dose once a week on a treat, from then on, or as necessary to keep symptoms at bay.
  • For an ongoing condition (mild to moderate arthritis, shortened ligament, etc.), follow dosing instructions above. Symptoms will greatly alleviate. So your pet can continue to enjoy much greater mobility, keep drops in water bowl consistently.


bring back the ZOOMIES movement drops are prepared in a base of vegetable glycerine and distilled water. Other ingredients include: Arnica, Bellis perennis, Rhus toxicondron, Causticum, Belladonna, Symphytum, Calendula, Calcium carbonate.

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8 reviews for bring back the ZOOMIES oral mobility drops

  1. Sara

    I have a rescue dog who came to me a few years back with stitches in his back leg and a bandage that had healed into the wound. He limped and his leg couldn’t seem to hold his weight very well. I used ZOOMIES and noticed him moving much more freely after one dose. He is able to live an active life now – he swims several times a week. I use ZOOMIES when I see the limp returning, which happens if he has been super active. A sleep and a pump of ZOOMIES brings my boy back to his adventurous self.

  2. Heather K

    After surgery, I used ZOOMIES and he healed up so much faster than was expected. It didn’t even seem like he was in pain

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