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THUNDER HUG oral soothing drops

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Does your pet freak out with loud sudden noises like thunder, fireworks, building noises etc or unsettling situations like moving house or temporary boarding?

Keep them feeling safe and secure with our THUNDER HUG soothing drops.

THUNDER HUG soothing drops are formulated to support the immune system of an animal suffering from fear, fright and nervousness.

It really is a cuddle in a bottle!

Safe for use for any pet 8 weeks or older, and can be used alongside existing medications.


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In an acute situation e.g. thunderstorm, fireworks, dose the animal immediately and then every half hour as required.

You can pre-empt a stress response from an impending event with prior dosing by adding two pumps in their water bowl.


Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water, Theridion, Aconite, Gelsemium

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1 review for THUNDER HUG oral soothing drops

  1. Colleen

    I dread Guy Fawkes every year with my poor cat who (the only time of the year) sprays, cries and is really upset with the noise. And now we have Diwali being celebrated the same way in NZ. I bought some Thunder Hug drops at the dog market after talking to Angela who assured me this would settle her down. She was not wrong. She is now a completely different cat this Guy Fawkes just gone. She basically slept through the whole onslaught! I am so impressed Colleen

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