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HOME ALONE separation anxiety relief oral drops

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HOME ALONE separation anxiety relief drops are designed to support any pet that feels emotional distress due to grief, anxiety, depression or pining.

It is a highly effective calming remedy, soothing feelings of stress and anxiety, associated with a sense of loss of a relationship.

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Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water, Ignatia, Kali phosphorus and Natrum muraticum.

Instructions for use: Half an hour before separation occurs, you can dose onto a small piece of healthy treat, and then again at the point of separation. 1 pump = 1 dose.

From then on, if your pet drinks from their water bowl regularly, pump 2 doses into a clean water bowl daily.

Alternatively, pump 1 dose onto a small piece of healthy treat twice daily for up to 2 weeks.

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3 reviews for HOME ALONE separation anxiety relief oral drops

  1. Char

    So so proud of how Gracie handled everything last night

    She loved coming out and looking at Christmas lights with us. She’s was super calm the whole time. @the.roar.store ‘a remedy’s have truely changed our lives. this time last year Gracie would have been crying/yapping and we wouldn’t have been able to have the windows down at all. But this year she was as happy as could be, even let a couple people pat her!!!! Highly recommend @the.roar.store

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