New! Biothane Ball Carrier

$25.00 NZD

NEW! ROAR biothane ball carriers for toughness and longevity. Available in lime and black combo.

Wandering Wolf NZ are DOG CRAZY and known for their innovative style and practical affordability applied to all their Dog products and custom made just for your special furbaby!

Now they have made us at ROAR a flagship range of dog accessories in our company colours!

Biothane is the biggest thing in dog collars and leads etc these days – it has MAMMOTH strength even at its narrower widths, capable of holding up to a whopping 453kg in stress weight! It resists UV, is waterproof (even salt water), and doesn’t smell or get mouldy.

It is mould & mildew resistant using colours that wont fade – and it’s a brilliant vegan leather-alternative.

And the fittings are made to last too from brass and plated brass.

What does that mean for the hoomans?  it means no maintenance and long life – in fact you will probably be sick of the sight of it before it gives up on YOU 😂

Earn 25 ROAR points!


We have worked alongside Wandering Wolf for many years. We use only their products on our own dogs and can vouch for their sturdiness and longevity. If you want different colours to the lime and black, click this link to go straight through to their customising website:

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extra large 20mm, extra large 25mm, extra small 20mm, large 20mm, large 25mm, medium 20mm, medium 25mm, small 20mm


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