Our Story

‘The Apothecary at the Bottom of the World’ began as an idea when I worked as a Vet Nurse under founding Veterinarian, Dr Ian Scandrett, of the Pakuranga Vet Clinic in 1991.  I remember when a basic check up and vaccination cost was $38 and when ‘scientifically formulated’ dog biscuits was a new and burgeoning industry.  I was really privileged to be taken into an already thriving veterinary practice where I worked for Dr Ian Scandrett in the daily running of the clinic, in theatre, and in the building and running of the inhouse cattery.

It was a time of change.

We were shifting more and more away from the natural, to the processed and the synthetic.  All ‘progress’ seemed like good progress.

As a child, I was blessed with a mother, aunt and grandparents who embraced animals as family members and I was given ample opportunity for pet ownership – dogs, cats and even a horse.  It was even my dream to become a vet… which is why I asked to work for the Pakuranga Vet Clinic.  I saw myself staying 18 months to 2 years before heading off to vet school.  18 months turned in to 2 years… and then 6 years.  Dr Scandrett and his wife took me in as family and I had too many wonderful experiences at that clinic to describe.

And as these years ticked by, life happened along the way.

I continued reading, making notes, watching lectures and talks about veterinary medicine – particularly holistic veterinary medicine.  ‘Making notes’ turned into about 20 handwritten books about remedies for simple – and not so simple – health issues.

15 years after starting at the Pakuranga Vet Clinic I took on formal study in animal science and also in natural therapies for animals, including homeopathy.

Over the next few years, not only did my knowledge increase, but so did my notebooks.  I learned of remedies and recipes for things I had understood required medical intervention.  And so I began trialling on myself, my own animals, and animals of friends and family.  And these things worked (without the medical intervention).

Fast forward to gainful employment, post study… I worked as a Clinical Case Manager, getting up close and personal with people and their pets.  I met animals (purpose-bred to rescued) and the problems they presented with.  I got to know them personally.  I talked with them about their concerns – both for their dog’s health and also the cost of keeping them healthy – and I shared what I had learned over a period of 25 years of working and living with animals, self-directed study, formal study, and years of exposure to people and their pets.  Many people were very open to trialling what was discussed… and so over about a 3 year period the following conditions were treated:

  • plaque removal from teeth
  • cruciate ligament tearing (post surgery, and others who never went to surgery)
  • stiffness and discomfort
  • arthritis
  • chronic ear infections
  • damaged, thickened, discoloured, hairless skin
  • natural flea prevention
  • natural worm expelling
  • old and new abscesses
  • warts
  • sebaceous cysts
  • chronic itchy skin
  • hot spots
  • bald patches regrowing hair
  • … and some behavioural issues also.

The driving force for bringing these remedies to market came from an elderly woman.  After being told she needed to get her two little dogs’ teeth scaled, she believed she had no other option other than the general anesthetic and the $1,600 required to pay for them.  She needed to find the money she simply didn’t have spare to pay for it and then put her elderly dogs through the distressing procedure (requiring general anesthetic).  She relayed her story, upset at her inability to provide for her dogs as well as she wished she could.  I told her that I knew of a natural remedy that softened plaque, enabling the function of natural chewing to peel it off the teeth.

That’s when the decision to get these remedies to pet owners, as a natural and affordable option for health care, was made.

In the middle of 2022, ‘The Apothecary at the Bottom of the World’, (as I had named it so many years previously), was taken to the next level by a close friend to form an LLC, now known as ROAR (Randall Original Animal Remedies). ROAR uses the formulas I have worked on for years and I remain available for voluntary consultation on an ad-hoc basis as one of the Clinical Case Managers for ROAR, providing personalised service and advice for those interested in how ROAR products can help their pet(s).

ROAR was created to supply real world solutions, naturally and affordably, for pet owners who want them. We can’t wait to see what we can do for YOUR pet’s health and wellness!

Until then

Yours, in affordable health for all animals!

Angela x

BVN,  DipHom(NZ).